Budapest has the highest growth of property prices in the world

According to data from the Global Residential Cities Index, in the last quarter of 2018, Budapest was the city with the fastest growing...

How much of Hungary’s wealth does the richest 10% control?

Even back in 2014, the concentration of wealth amongst the top 10% richest Hungarians was unprecedented. Based on the latest estimates as...

Is Fidesz going to war with Facebook?

In most countries, Facebook will introduce ‘whitelists’, which will contain unregulated safe media products. However, it will not be...

Hungarians clean up the Canary Islands: Video

It is a widely held belief that Hungarians can be found anywhere. Indeed, an article by

Puskás’ former club Kispest Honvéd is acquired by new owners

George F. Hemingway was not bluffing when he was asked about the selling of Honvéd last week. As reported by

Hungarian culture in London: Things to do

Hungarians are present in London in their thousands. We have compiled a range of institutions that organise Hungarian events in the...

9000 FC DAC fans sing the national anthem to protest new law: Video

9000 people sang the Hungarian national anthem before the FC DAC – Zilina match to protest the law that is set to be introduced to ban the...

Hungary: The sporting venue of the world?

Hungary will host over 120 international sporting competitions this year. This includes competitions that have quotas for the 2020 Tokyo...

Migrants without work permits coming from Serbia and Ukraine

In the last nine months the number of job roles that are open to non-EU citizens without a Hungarian work permit has risen by 20. Therefore we...

Lime e-scooters are coming to Budapest

The Californian start-up Lime will introduce its electric scooters to Budapest, as reported by

Thousands of migrants will arrive in Hungary to build a chemical plant

The last time that there were such big construction projects in Hungary was perhaps in the Rákosi era. In the late 50s, the predecessor of...

Chugging down your table: First model railway restaurant opens in Budapest

In a restaurant next to Keleti Pályaudvar, a model railway layout has been built where trains bring the beers to your table. ...

The most sought after properties in Budapest revealed

For years properties in blocks of flats were the most popular choice of housing in Budapest. However, there is a growing interest in newly...

Orbán’s nationalism and exclusion could lead to war – Jean Claude Juncker

As reported by

Being Hungarian in London: preserving the mother tongue in a foreign land

The Hungarian language is one of the greatest treasures of Hungarian culture, however, living abroad makes it a much more difficult task to...

What kind of spa do you need? A guide to Hungary’s different kind of spas and baths

In Hungary we can enjoy the blissful benefits of spas and the drinking cures that come with them.

Budapest 17th highest ranked European destination according to TripAdvisor

Budapest achieved a respectable 17th  place in the

The Hungarian Goverment is investing more funds into Hungarian football academies abroad

Based on the latest Government...

Ryanair announces new routes from Budapest

Ryanair released its full winter schedule from Budapest, which includes several surprises. The Irish budget airline

All Hungarian citizens living abroad can vote in the EP elections

On Sunday in Phoenix, Arizona, as reported by the Hungarian Government's