According to the plans, it will be capable of accommodating 65,000 spectators, and it will be ready by 25 November, the Day of Hungarian Football.

The biggest construction project

The Puskás stadium is the biggest construction project of the last three decades – reported They were present on a stadium tour organised for the Hungarian press by the Hungarian Football Federation. The inauguration is planned to be in November; however, a film on the present state of the building has already been shared with the public and can be watched below:

The project started in 2016 with the demolition of the former stadium, and in 2017, West Hungária Bau Ltd. and Épkar Ltd. started to build the structure of the new arena.

Balázs Fürjes, the secretary of state responsible for the development of Budapest and its agglomeration, said that the building is already structurally complete. However, they still have a lot to do regarding, for example, its electricity system or the lawn of the playground. According to him, at the beginning of the works, it was a principle to

preserve what they can.

Therefore, for example, the old tower will remain intact in which they plan to open a Ferenc Puskás museum in spring 2020. Furthermore, the new stadium’s pylons will also be similar to the old one’s. Finally, they built the concrete of the old arena into the new stadium.

The construction gave an opportunity for 15,000 people to work in the last three years. At the moment, 1,500-2,000 of them are working in the stadium. The secretary of state highlighted that among them, there are many Hungarians from the neighbouring countries.

This is how the new Puskás stadium looks like
Photo: MTI
This is how the new Puskás stadium looks like
Photo: MTI

It will host matches of the European Soccer Championship of 2020

If the stadium is ready, it will be the second highest building of the capital with a height of 52 metres. Regarding other numbers, they built

10 thousand tonnes of steel

into it which would be enough for two Elizabeth Bridges. The quantity of ferroconcrete is 150 cubic metres which would be enough for 75 ten-story apartments.

According to Fürjes, they wanted to create a real 21st-century arena. Thus, they wanted to help spectators, for example, to move quickly on the terraces. Furthermore, all three levels of the expanded stadium’s seating area will be roofed.

Sándor Csányi, chairman of the Hungarian Football Federation, said that it is also possible to finish the project before the November 25 deadline. In that case,

they will inaugurate it with a friendly match of the national team.

He added that everything depends on the building contractor.

This is how the new Puskás stadium looks like
Photo: MTI
This is how the new Puskás stadium looks like
Photo: MTI

As we reported before, György Skardelli, the project’s head architect, told a press conference in 2016 that the upgraded stadium will meet all of UEFA’s Euro 2020 safety requirements, with the emergency evacuation time being reduced from 20 minutes to 8 minutes. Puskás Ferenc Stadium

will host four matches in the European Soccer Championship in 2020.

Besides soccer matches, the new stadium will be suitable for hosting a variety of events, such as concerts and conferences, and could accommodate a total of 78,000 people.

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