The government has been trying to make Hungary the ‘Spice Of Europe’ for a while now, and if latest numbers are to be believed then they have been successful in doing so as the number of people visiting Hungary is on a constant rise.

In 2006, around 7.2 million tourists visited the country to have a good time. However, with time, a lot of development has given tourism in Hungary a new face and recognition because as per 2016 stats, around 11.6 million tourists visited Hungary. That’s a lot of tourists growth in ten years.

There are many reasons for tourists to choose Hungary to travel to such as natural sights, amazing food, parks, lakes, caves and the culture.

The serene beauty that Hungary has to offer leaves tourists awestruck and not to forget the the amount of money the Hungarian government is spending on the country to develop the tourism.

Last year, Hungary earned 1.8 billion by spending only 760 million. Compared to 2016, there was a 5.1% increase in tourists arriving to Hungary which is all due to the efforts done by the government in pushing the tourism sector.

According to reports, about 37% of the total money is being spent by tourists on catering and accommodation in Hungary. An American tourist visiting this beautiful country with his family said, “We came here to relax and chill as Hungary has a lot to offer. We enjoy the beautiful locales, great food and a chance to meditate that helps us find peace.”

2017 was hands down one of the best tourism years for Hungary because with every passing month, there was an increase in the number of both international and domestic tourists.

In fact, there was a 7.1% increase in tourists arrival with Nov, 2017 creating new records. Following with a 7.4% increase of tourists the next month. As of now, the increment rate has shot to 13%  which is almost doubling with 2x rate.

Government sites are now available in different languages to attract international tourists, and the trick seems to be paying off so far. The Hungarian Tourism Agency in May launched its first ever campaign in Budapest to attract international tourists, and the campaign seems to be a large success so far.

Agency’s CEO, Mr. Zoltán Gulle, is happy with the developments and confirmed the country’s plans to spend more on tourism.

What Is Attracting Tourists To Hungary?

Numerous things are attracting tourists to Hungary, from amazing sights to delicious food, from spas to festivals and whatnot.

Budapest: The most visited city in the country is Budapest. According to reports, 4,085,178 tourists turned to Budapest in 2016. Out of this number, some 3,511,429 came from international lands while 573,749 were domestic.

It should be noted that these numbers are only for the city area, and exclude the suburbs.

Here’s why Budapest is the center of attraction in Hungary:  


  • Architecture:  The State Opera House, The grandeur of St. Stephen’s Basilica, The restrained gaudiness of the Parliament Building, the heartwarming Art Nouveau structures etc., are the center of attraction in Budapest. Moreover, the Buda Castle also attracts people as it recently made it to the UNESCO Cultural Heritage list due its amazing design.



  • Food: Hungarian food and drinks are to die for. Goulash is the signature dish of the country. It’s a meat stew laden graced with vegetables, flavored with paprika and blended with sour cream. Besides this, there are many other amazing dishes that tourists love to eat in Budapest.



  • Springs: There are more than 1000 natural springs in Budapest. This is the reason you’ll find a plethora of spa baths all over Hungary. Szechenyi is the largest bath in Budapest where tourists love to go.


Balaton Uplands: After Budapest, Balaton Uplands also serve as a tourist magnet. There’s a lot to enjoy including volcano eruptions, vineyards, culture, festivals, cycling on beautiful roads etc. The town-like feeling allows tourists to relax and soothe..

Festivals: Hungary is a happy country and hosts a lot of festivals which is another reason for tourists to come to Hungary. These festivals offer a combination of culture, fun and never ending experience.

One of the biggest festivals hosted in Hungary is the Sziget festival. It’s a music festival so big that Italian, French and Dutch tourists outnumber Hungarian tourists.

This festival is being hosted for almost 20 years now because of the response and success it gets from the tourists.

The Cost

On average, one tourist is spending around $200 on a daily basis on travelling, food, and accommodation in Hungary.

These costs, however, greatly vary based on the lifestyle of the tourist and their intention to visit the country.

The Conclusion

Hungary is advancing in the list of successful tourist countries quickly as more and more people are now visiting this beautiful land.

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